Calm down
what happens

happens mostly
without you

    —josef albers


Geo works internationally with entrepreneurs, creatives, elite athletes, and senior executives in individual and team contexts.

He harnesses the power of creativity and honest conversation to generate inner freedom.

Geo partners with clients to create new futures and surprising possibilities, both personally and professionally.

His results-driven approach is intellectually rigorous, experientially focused, and spiritually informed.

Dan Keyserling
COO | Jigsaw

"Geo understands how to optimize every element of a modern business — from the systems that run the place to the leaders who guide it — to create people and teams that connect deeply and perform extraordinarily. Working with Geo is to catch a glimpse of an alternate universe where you’re a more wise, more thoughtful, more capable version of yourself — and then he makes that world real."

Amanda Cassatt
CEO | Serotonin

"Geo transformed my relationship with work from a source of disquiet and exhaustion to an uplifting platform I now use in service of my personal and professional goals. By getting to kernel of my values and priorities, I’ve eliminated what previously drained me and emerged not only with a stronger sense of what I want to accomplish, but also having restored and nourished the vitality I need in order to get there."

Steve Martocci
CEO | Splice

"Geo serves as a grounding force and valuable thought partner for me. From board and executive team dynamics, to my prioritization of time and focus, to my own personal development, Geo is simultaneously directive yet adaptable. He is an exceptional listener who quickly cuts to the core meaning. I am grateful to have Geo’s counsel and support."

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