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developing self-authoring leaders and teams

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1:1 executive coaching

customized 6-12 month programs for founders and executives to develop core strengths essential to humanely and effectively run superb companies that scale.

360 leadership assessments

a systematic feedback tool to identify a leader’s blind-spots + weaknesses while highlighting future growth areas by engaging perspectives of key organizational players.

team coaching

comprehensive developmental programs for executive teams to unlock the hidden genius of the collective.

executive team offsites

single and multi-day offsites in inspiring locations to relationally and strategically align teams for high performance


google’s jigsaw | coo

dan keyserling | coo @ jigsaw

«among the crowded shelves of business insights and elite ranks of executive consultants, there are coaches and there are coaches. Geo Hanzlik is the latter. geo understands how to optimize every element of a modern business — from the systems that run the place to the leaders who guide it — to create people and teams that connect deeply and perform extraordinarily. Working with Geoff is to catch a glimpse of an alternate universe where you’re a more wise, more thoughtful, more capable version of yourself — and then he makes that world real.»

consensys | cmo

amanda gutterman | cmo @ consensys

«geo transformed my relationship with work from a source of disquiet and exhaustion to an uplifting platform I now use in service of my personal and professional goals. By getting to kernel of my values and priorities, I’ve eliminated what previously drained me and emerged not only with a stronger sense of what I want to accomplish, but also having restored and nourished the vitality I need in order to get there.»

chapman cg | chairman

matt chapman | chairman @ chapmancg | owner @ bawah island

«geo brings deep reflection to each conversation, making him a highly valuable and sought-after thought partner for me and the leaders he serves. He is always there along-side me, bringing a rare quality of intuitively knowing when to appear and when to give space. He’s simultaneously directive yet adaptable and an exceptional listener who quickly cuts to the core meaning.»

tommy hilfiger | director of marketing

rossella raffi | marketing + communications director @ tommy hilfiger europe

«geo transformed my leadership at Tommy. He’s become an essential partner who helps me navigate critical conversations, make key strategic decisions, take healthy risks while highlighting my weaknesses that have held me back for years. He’s a deep listener with the uncanny skill of rapidly distilling information.»

techstars | svp accelerators

daniel feld | svp of accelerators @ techstars

«with geo’s help, I significantly elevated my game. His rare combination of experience, insight, tools and empathy helped me powerfully navigate the internal and external challenges I face in my organizational and personal life. I highly recommend his work.»

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transform yourself

driving fundamental change to radically alter your life, work, and relationship trajectory


individual coaching

customized 6-12 month programs to create the extraordinary. we address root issues at the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

yolanda hadid

yolanda hadid

«geo is by far the most emotionally and spiritually developed man I have encountered. His authentic approach to coaching has helped me develop in all aspects of my personal and business life.»

sterling proffer

sterling proffer | former svp of business development strategy @ vice

«geo pulls off this confusing but brilliant trick: first, he puts you immediately at ease; second, he takes you right out of your comfort zone; and third, he puts you right back in that state of calm – all in the course of a single sentence. At the end, you find yourself more reflective, aware, and empowered to become a better version of yourself. Spend some time with him and you’ll see what I mean.»

hilary folger

hilary folger | sparkfire

«geo exponentially raises the bar on what’s possible for one’s life. his knowledge, experience, and unique approach have proven invaluable through a highly challenging career transition. I highly recommend his work. »

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